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Weekly Newsletter: 8th December, 2017

Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelba

This week was a whirlwind, as December weeks tend to be. Caroline performed in the Nutcracker, and loved it even more this year. She might be born for the stage life–at the end of the weekend she told me “I can’t wait for next year,” in her most excited voice. Mom, on the other hand, is glad there is a year in between these events (and yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person. It’s been that kind of week). For the rest of the week, both kids got sick, along with a number of employees, so that might be the reason for the blur.

Around the World gift box.

Despite the germs going around, we’re embracing the holiday spirit over here. Tonight is the third Cornish Christmas, with two more to go. We are prepped to sell all the hot drinks you could ever desire, from mochas topped with our homemade whipped cream, to a shot of espresso, straight. We are also featuring a macchiato made with Chilean Manjar (caramel) from Diego’s Restaurant. It’s rich and delicious.

We are highlighting our Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Chelba this week. This is one of the coffees in our Around the World sampler box, chosen to highlight a natural, or dry, processed coffee. This means that the beans are dried with the fruit intact, which imparts a distinct berry flavor in the final cup. They are carefully dried on raised beds, and then processed at the Chelba Mill. The coffee is from indigenous cultivars, grown the way they have been for centuries.

In fact, legend has it that coffee originated in Ethiopia. It’s said that Kaldi, a young goatherd, noticed his charges eating some red berries and then start frolicking around. He tried the berries, and soon he too was dancing. The beans eventually came to the local monks, who used them to stay awake during prayers. From there it spread throughout the middle east, and eventually throughout the world.

In the cup this has tastes of pecans and blackberries, nutty and fruity. It finishes with an apricot and lemon acidity, that lingers. If you are interested in the taste that coffee processing adds to the final product, we also have a washed Ethopian in stock, our Organic Ethiopia Hambela Buku. You can purchase a bit of each and try them side by side. You can also try a cup of the Natural Ethiopian on us this week with the code frosted leaves*. It was fun to crunch through the white ground several mornings this week.

On Monday we are sharing the joy of the season with five days of specials on our website (and you always have the option for free local pickup). It kicks off with 10% off all our gift packages with the code JOY10, and will continue with other discounts throughout the week. Keep an eye on our blog, here, to see each special–or check us out on social media (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook). May your holidays be bright. Cheers!
–Holly Fike

*Code good for one free 12 ounce cup of Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Chelba. Code expires on 12.14.17. Limit one free cup per customer please. Valid only at Carolines Coffee Roasters, 128 S. Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA. Code/Offer has no cash value.

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