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A Giveaway of Gratitude for 35 Years

Another Anniversary?  Indeed.

We can’t believe that it’s been thirty-five years since this lovely lady had a dream of running her own shop.  Here we are, all these years later, still going strong. 

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you wonderful people who support us.  I am certain that we have the best customers.  We appreciate each of you who come in here, whether once in a while or daily.  We appreciate those of you who order coffee from afar.  And we appreciate our many wholesale customers, who continue to believe in us and brew our coffee for your customers.

In gratitude for all that you do to keep us in business, we have a giveaway for you.  Leave a comment on this post telling us about your favorite Carolines Coffee memory, and at the end of the month we’ll draw winners from the comments.  Yes, plural.  Thirty-five years deserves more than one winner, don’t you think?

We’re giving away the following items: a Carolines mug, a Carolines sweatshirt, a Carolines t-shirt, Carolines coffee (multiple pounds), a Carolines gift package, and Carolines giftcards.  We want to share the love with all of you.  For an additional chance to win, like our Carolines Coffee Facebook page and share this giveaway with your friends, (via whatever social media platform you want: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest,), tag us, and then post a second comment on here telling us that you’ve shared.*

*No purchase necessary to enter or to win. Giveaway is limited to residents of the United States. Entrants must be 18 years old or older. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail on May 1, 2017. Prize must be collected by May 15th, 2017 for Nevada County residents, or a shipping address must be provided by that date if winner is out of county.





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33 Responses to A Giveaway of Gratitude for 35 Years

  1. erin says:

    Yeah for fabulous local businesses lasting generation after generation… My favorite memory is still a certain young person of mine walking around Carolines dressed as a dinosaur… and the fact that he didn’t even seem to bat an eyelash that people were looking at him strangly (it wasn’t Halloween).

  2. Merry BylesDaly says:

    We have a group of teacher friends who’ve met every Friday morning at Carolines for five years or so. We love the friendly staff who know us by name and know our favorite drinks before we even ask. Plus Caroline’s supports our school in a myriad of ways- recently by building us a set of gorgeous redwood tables for our school garden.

  3. Charity Swanson says:

    My favorite memory is the smell of the tasting coffee when I went to work after school a few days a week in the mid nineties. Also seeing a family that all made such a wonderful place to be. I loved that Carolines Coffee was my first job!

  4. Irma Calderon says:

    I emigrated from mexico 30 years ago, when I married my husband he brought me to this beautiful town, we arrived around 6 in the morning we went straight to nevada city for breakfast, on our way to my new home, located in Bitney Springs, we drove through Main Street. And the smell of fresh rosted coffee was so wonderful that all I did was to fill yo lungs with that amazing smell, now time I smell Carolines coffee it reminds me of the day I got here from Guanajuato mexico! 😊

  5. Amelia Brunkhorst says:

    Having mochas and ham and cheese bagels with my friend on Sunday afternoons, while studying for chemistry quizzes:)

  6. Donna C. says:

    I can’t choose just one. Love the warmth of the cozy shop, the delicious aroma…and all the cool items for sale… tempting me.

  7. Lori Anderson says:

    Fast and friendly service, a homey atmosphere, plus a wide range of freshly roasted coffee beans – what’s not to adore about Carolines!

  8. Lisa Johnson says:

    Every morning we begin our day by brewing a pot of Caroline’s Coffee. what I love most is that the baristas know me so well that they can choose and grind just the right beans for us, filling the bags extra full. The people working in the shop quickly feel like family and alway have a smile and kind words. Caroline’s exemplifies the best of living in Nevada County.

  9. Denise Bryant says:

    When I was working (I am recently retired), I drove 5 days a week from Penn Valley to Grass Valley, usually very early in the morning for my shift at work. I always smiled just driving past the area and getting a whiff of the coffee smells on my way to work. And it was a treat to go inside on occasion and order a mocha!

  10. Donna Loper says:

    Wow 35 years and you still look great, I had to stop and think but I have been buying your great coffee for 30 of those years. Time goes so fast. I was lucky enough to find you when I first moved up here over 30 years ago and still buy your coffee usual at SPD. Always good

  11. Sister Katherine says:

    I can’t pick just one memory, there’s too many good ones!! But my favorite part of going to Carolines is the people. Some of my favorite people in the world work there!! And then so many people I love are always walking through the doors. Carolines is always a place of connection to me.

  12. Ed says:

    I have been overseas lately and will be returning home to Grass Valley and Caroline’s Cofee Shop is a worldwide favorite of mine. A favorite because of the fine coffee and the beautiful waitresses. The feeling and the prices and the wifi and the newspapers also add to the charm. I am looking forward to my next cup of coffee. Caroline’s Coffee is one of a kind.

  13. Jenny says:

    Had the most delicious latte of my life there just last weekend, but my favorite memories are lazy weekend mornings sipping a cup and getting some procrastination work done 🙂

  14. Bernie says:

    My favorite memories are of the coffees I shared with my dear friend BJ. We met many mornings at Carolines for a cuppa and a visit. She passed away in 2013 and I miss those mornings with her.

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  16. MaryAnne says:

    I have too many great memories there to pick just one. 😉Everyone who works there is so kind and the coffee is divine. I even pack it in my bag when traveling!

  17. My favorite memories are sharing Cornish Christmas with my son, stopping for cup off coco with all the staff and family, my son is now 34, married with 3 children and another on the way, and always waits for his bag of Carolines coffee when I go to visit, just like this past Easter. Love you all

  18. Ashley says:

    I have too many fond memories at Caroline’s 🙂 I always look forward to the wonderful coffee and amazing staff every time I go.

  19. Bill McQuerry says:

    Amongst many fond Carolines memories, I’m regularly reminded by a photo on my wall of 3-yr-old Harley (9 yrs ago) pensively sipping his ‘coffee’ at Carolines. That photo won a ribbon at the Fair for Nevada County Scenes.

  20. SSteve says:

    My memory is always the smiles on the faces of everyone who works there. You obviously treat your employees well and it shows.

  21. Stacey Nicolai says:

    My favorite memories of Carolines Coffee was when I worked just down the street (where the Holiday Inn is now) and I would walk up to the shop more than once a day for my favorite coffee drink! I LOVE Caroline’s Coffee. It has been my favorite coffee shop for over 20 years! XOXOXOXO

  22. Barbara Gersztyn says:

    My fondest memory is when my younger sister Debbie came for a visit in January and it was the weekend of our biggest rainfall ever. I was determined to show her my favorite places in Grass Valley despite the stormy conditions. We came to Caroline’s coffee and enjoyed warm delicious drinks and caught up on much needed conversation. Thanks for providing a wonderful space for me to share with her. 🙂

  23. Rebecca Finn says:

    My mom has lived in Grass Valley for years now, and was the one who introduced me to Caroline’s. I fell in love and started having your beans shipped to me and have a standing order with my mom when she visits! My boyfriend is now a HUGE Caroline’s fan, so one of my favorite moments was the first time we went to Grass Valley. He was absolutely excited to visit your shop the first time! It is a sad day in our house indeed when we reach the last Caroline’s bean. Have you guys ever thought of expanding to Chico by some chance?? Love, love, LOVE!!!

  24. Michele says:

    My aunt would always take me to Carolines on our weekend dates. She would a coffee for her and a hot chocolate for me. Sometimes a little cookie or sweet to enjoy as well. I remember thinking that this was how to felt to be an adult I hope to pass down this tradition with my,own niece one day

  25. Diane Richards says:

    After a beautiful hike or snow shoe adventure any where in Nevada County on a coolish spring, fall or winter day, a cup of Carolines Coffee is the perfect way to unwind.

    Happy Anniversary and congrats on the fabulous milestone!

  26. Lnda Bergen says:

    I moved up here from Southern California four years ago and of course I had to find a coffee shop that had sugar free coffee. I have been a diabetic for 41 years and needed to make sure I had somewhere to go if I needed to eat. Always I have been waited on with kindness and courtesy. Don’t have just one time but each time I come in has been a wonderful experience. Some mornings when I come in need more caffeine, other times when later in the day when I need more as my blood sugar is low and it takes me a few minutes to say anything I have been waited on with kindness and courtesy. I know those times I am holding up the line but everyone acts like they have all the time to wait on me. Thank you all.

  27. Taija says:

    I have spent so much time at Caroline’s I can’t choose just one memory that’s my favorite. Maybe the countless times I’ve run into old friends and spent hours catching up. Or the random conversations with other Caroline’s regulars where I tend to learn really interesting wacky facts. Overall I think my favorite memories are just being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee and relax ina happy environment after having a bad day.

  28. Susie Willour says:

    I still remember my first cup of your wonderful Special Blend. My sister and I stopped in for a break over 20 yrs ago and have both been hooked on it ever since. I do a lot if traveling and have never found any coffee that I enjoy as much. And on that note, whenever possible Special Blend goes with me on my travels. Thank You for the perfect blend.

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