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April Giveaways

Caroline behind counter

A vintage shot of Caroline.

Years ago I learned the old joke, “If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring? (Pilgrims).”  Well around here, April brings giveaways and a celebration.  This month marks our 32nd year of being in business, and we want to celebrate by thanking all of you, our customers.

Tell us a favorite Carolines memory of yours in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win some of our favorite Carolines items: mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and of course coffee.  Each Monday in April we will draw a winner (or two) from the comment section on this post.  It’s our way of thanking you for 32 years.

All the details: No purchase is necessary to enter or to win.  Giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.  Duplicate entries will only be counted once.  Entrants must be 18 years old or older.  Winners will be drawn at random on April 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, 2014, and notified by e-mail that same day.  Items must be picked up by Nevada County residents, and will be shipped to those out of the area. 

EDIT:: The winners have been e-mailed, and the contest has ended.  Many thanks to all of you for your nice comments.  4.29.14

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25 Responses to April Giveaways

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  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    My favorite memory is a constantly changing one, because every day when I come in to the shop I’m greeted with smiles and wonderful coffee, and I don’t even have to ask for a shot of espresso. It’s ready before I know it! Great coffee, a perfect place to meet with friends, new flavors to entice each week, and a philosophy of giving to the community. What more could one ask for in a local business? Bravo, and congratulations on a job well done!!

  3. Jason says:

    Years ago (more like decades) there was a snow storm in Nevada County. We lived in town and had no power. Downtown had power so my wife and I spent most of the day at Carolines sipping many cups of coffee, chatting with folks, and reading books while we waited for our power to come back. Everyone in the place was cheerful and friendly. It was like spending Christmas with a family of strangers.

  4. SSteve says:

    In November 2012 when we had a big rain and wind storm, two trees fell on the addition we were adding to our house. (There were some holes in the new roof, but everything was still standing.) When I came in to Caroline’s later that morning, the folks behind the counter asked how I was. I told them what happened and showed them a couple pictures. They gave me my latté and scone on the house. It was a sweet gesture.

  5. Lindi says:

    We are out very early during the week, and to walk into Caroline’s and see such friendly faces and smell the fresh brewed coffee makes getting up early not so bad…thank-you!

  6. Matt Seefelt says:

    Almost every time my two boys (6 & 9 yrs) are asked to “get their shoes and coats on we’re going for a walk into town” the first thing they say is “are we going to COFFEE CAROLINES!?” …Nuff said.

  7. Erin says:

    Birthday cheer!!! I love how friendly everyone at Caroline’s is, always a joy to pop in. And of course Holly is a pro at cross promotion local love 🙂

  8. Denise Bryant says:

    I love the smell of coffee that greets me before I even enter the building! Happy 32nd Anniversary!!!

  9. Chris says:

    I was new to the area and my utilities not yet hooked-up. I came to Caroline’s for the Wi-Fi never expecting freshly roasted coffee, endless smiles and genuine hospitality. (Trace’s holiday steak and eggs a memorable double bonus.)

    Congratulations on 32 years. Keep that newsletter coming . . . it’s one of the few e-mailings I regularly read.

  10. Donna Loper says:

    I have lived here for 34 years and remember when you opened. You were wonderful then and you are wonderful now. I have never had a bad expreince with you or your coffee and your custormer service is the best in the county. Cheers to many more years and to your wonderful coffee.

  11. Ciara McSweeney says:

    My favorite memory is when I first came to grass valley and smelled the wonderful aroma of the coffee roasting! I had to find where that delicious smell came from and discovered Caroline’s Coffee. After that every Christmas I had a bag of coffee in my stocking and every time I go to town i have to go in for some coffee. Your the best!

  12. Sarah Hatten says:

    Thank you for getting long sleeve shirts with the image on the BACK!! It’s better for advertising and people don’t stare at your front-side. I want one, maybe I’ll win but if not, I will own one someday!!

  13. Randi says:

    I still remember the first shop you opened with bins and bins of wonderful “goodies”. My 2 girls grew up with me shopping there. My older girl just turned 40 yesterday…yikes…makes me feel old =)
    I love your shirts!!!!

  14. Jo Pincosy says:

    While interning at CEM, my favorite way to decompress on my day off was coffee at Caroline’s in the morning….it was the perfect way to journal, relax and read! I still miss those mornings now that I have moved. You just can’t replace Caroline’s with another coffee shop, it isn’t the same! Thanks for being special 🙂

  15. Kathy Souza says:

    Caroline’s has the Best of Everything!!! The best coffee, the best snack and food items, the best atmosphere and above all THE BEST STAFF ever !

  16. Kelly Sommers says:

    My favorite part of going to Caroline’s, besides the coffee, is the smell of roasting coffee before you walk in! My boys very first taste of hot chocolate was at Carolines!

  17. Dena Nick says:

    My favorite Caroline’s memories go back to when my husband and I were less busy and able to stroll around downtown, stopping at Caroline’s to relax and enjoy coffee and pie.

  18. Katie Clement says:

    I do love that all of town smells like roasting coffee when the roasting is happening. But my favorite thing about Carolines is just all the family and friends I see every time I am there!

  19. Amie Davis says:

    Caroline’s is the best coffe spot in town!! I especially love the iced vanilla latte. Caroline’s is the only coffee shop I hane ever gotten foam on an iced drink and it is amazing!!!!!!

  20. Pamela Swart says:

    My favorite memory is when I step outside my home I smell Carolines roasting there beans. Oh that smell is so amazing. Then when I come in everyone of the employees are smiling like they are glad to see you. They are all so helpful with helping me pick out gifts. My favorite one Mariah. I love your treats and I love your coffee.

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  22. Bo says:

    When I first moved to Nevada County I was staying in a local hotel.
    Every morning I would take my thermos to Caroline’s
    The extra chore of first filling the thermos with boiling
    water was always done with kindness. It was a joy to be welcomed with smiles and chat about the new brew
    and the superb baked goods etc
    ‘Welcome Stranger ” was lifted to a new high.
    It became ” WELCOME ‘ All of the rest remains sweet memories
    ” Give Thanks”

  23. Lynne says:

    I have lots of good memories of seeing people I know ,somewhat deep discussions I have with my brother. Not to mention the great coffee we get here. Carolines is still the best

  24. Kaeleen gracey says:

    In high school I had multiple friends who worked at your multiple locations, at that time, and I spent many hours enjoying the atmosphere, and I have recently rediscovered how much fun it is to spend time downtown. I don’t know what I’d do without my almond milk Chico chai!

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