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The Twelve Giveaways of Christmas

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Edited, December 26th, 2013::  The winners have been chosen and e-mailed!  They are

Free Drink: Dena Nick and Charlotte Ottaway

Carolines Travel Mug: Emma and Mary Ann

Carolines Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Erin and Jean McChristian

Carolines Sweatshirt: Tish Buti and Nicole R.

One Pound of Christmas Coffee: Marea Filmer and Tanya Baer

Carolines Chocolate Basket: Maryann Hoffler and Russell

Original Post Continues Below::

‘Tis the season to give.  In the spirit of the holidays the Carolines crew has decided to celebrate all of you, our wonderful customers, with a giveaway.  You are the reason that we sing while we toast bagels and wash dishes (or maybe that is our wacky personalities?), and the reason we come to work with a smile each morning.  We truly think that we have the best customers.

To thank you all we thought that perhaps twelve giveaways would be appropriate, so that more of you have a chance to win.  We’re giving away an even dozen gifts: two coupons for a free drink, two Carolines travel mugs (this kind), two long-sleeve t-shirts (like these), two of our new cozy sweatshirts (see this one), two pounds of our limited edition Christmas Coffee, and two of our Chocolate gift baskets.  How fun is that?

To enter, leave a comment telling us about your favorite Christmas tradition.  The giveaway will be open between now, December 13th, and Christmas Day, so you have plenty of time to join in.  We can’t wait to keep the season bright by reading what you like to do at this time of year.

Official Rules (otherwise known as all that stuff that we are required to say): No purchase is necessary to enter or to win.  Giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.  Duplicate entries will only be counted once.  Entrants must be 18 years old or older.  Winners will be drawn at random on December 26th, 2013 and notified by e-mail that same day.  All items must be picked up (or shipped if out of the area) by January 25th, 2014.  If you read all these requirements, thank you for caring 🙂

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55 Responses to The Twelve Giveaways of Christmas

  1. Jason Santa says:

    Our favorite tradition is leaving our little boys leaving a cheese burger out for Santa Claus to eat. A few years ago they figured that Santa Claus would be tired of cookies and would need something to keep him going so they settled on a burger. He loves them as they are always 100% gone on Christmas morning.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love walking to see Christmas lights with a warm mug of coffee, hot cocoa or mulled wine in hand. Already did Pasadena this month, doing Baltimore tonight and hopefully Grass Valley at Christmas!

  3. Nicole R. says:

    Every year, we volunteer through Women of Worth’s Ho Ho Ho program. We help organize the presents that Angels have donated and give them to families in need. Seeing their faces light up with joy and thankfulness is an amazing sight to see. Without the generosity of the community and non-profits like Women of Worth, many families would be without presents and food. It is our treat to ourselves to volunteer and give back. We then drive around different neighborhoods looking at the lights and soaking in the Christmas spirit. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful community that has so much to give.

  4. Jo says:

    I like to focus on giving by giving out all the gifts one by one. Starting with the youngest or oldest in the family, they go to the tree and find a gift to give to someone. It makes it very special and let’s them find something to give instead of to get.
    Thanks for your focus on giving this year and always.

  5. Carol Glad says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is actually to make room for new traditions. This year for the first time, my son is making Christmas dinner in his new apartment in San Francisco. For the 1st time, my children will receive the gift of being able to wake up, as adults, in their own homes on Christmas morning. And may they find peace and love of their own making in the quietness of the day.

  6. Lisa Johnson says:

    Aside from volunteering and cooking for the hungry at Christmas time which is an integral part of the holiday season for me, we have a family tradition of ‘tree presents’. I read about this when our grandchildren were wee ones, so it started with them. We hide a small gift for each of them at the top of the Christmas tree, and at the end of Christmas Day when all the excitement has died down and we have a quiet moment we gather around the tree for that one last look and find the tree presents. Usually they are small gifts, something to make the children smile. Occasionally they are a heart’s desire. Always they are a special treat at the end of a lovely day with family.

  7. Mary Anne says:

    I love driving around on Christmas Eve to see holiday light displays, especially now that we have little ones to share it with.

  8. Dena Nick says:

    Since my kids no longer have any living grandparents, our tradition has changed a little. My newest favorite tradition includes sharing Christmas Eve with all six kids, my husband, and his two sisters. We have a relaxed gathering with soup and an array of finger foods, then open gifts one by one. My oldest daughter usually puts on the Santa hat and passes out the gifts. Christmas morning, after sleeping in a little and having a wonderful breakfast, we begin our new jigsaw puzzle!

    • Holly Fike says:

      That sounds like a wonderful tradition Dena: thank you for sharing! The jigsaw puzzle sounds like fun too 🙂

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  10. Tanya Baer says:

    Our Favorite Christmas Tradition is making cookies with my little girls and watching the (VHS!) tape of christmas specials my mom taped for me when I was 3!

  11. Wendy W. says:

    From before I can remember, my grandmother always made traditional Cornish Pasties for Christmas Eve dinner. My mother carried on the tradition after her passing and both included me in the learning of those yummy hand pies! We now continue the tradition serving pasties to both mine and my sister’s family each year, including our little ones (3, 6 and 8)… They are learning to make them too and hopefully soon, they will actually LIKE to eat the pasties! Until then, the grown ups will take the leftovers!

  12. Kelly Sommers says:

    A few years ago, before we had kids, my husband and I bought a singing, dancing Kung Fu hamster as a white elephant gift for a party. We ended up not going to the party and kept it. We still have and I bring it out every year at Christmas as part of our Christmas decorations. Now our children remember it every year and can’t wait for it to make its appearance!

  13. Victoria says:

    Every year our family gathers together on Christmas Eve day to share the cooking of the Crab Cioppino, salads and home made breads. After Christmas Eve dinner we play games or watch a favorite movie and before we go to bed we each open one gift.

  14. Deanna B says:

    I wish I could say we have some sort of special tradition, but we are simple. Last minute wrapping and just relaxing on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morn everyone gets to open their stocking whenever they get up, but they have to wait until everyone is present and accounted for before taking turns to open gifts.

  15. Kaeleen gracey says:

    My favorite tradition for christmas is decorating my grandparents house for the Christmas season, a beautiful nativity scene in their front bay window and a set of musical bells that I remember setting up every year since I was a little girl. These traditions warm my heart every time I think of them, but this year is bittersweet as this is the first christmas I will celebrate without my grandparents. So instead, I now have possession of the nativity and musical bells and they will find a warm place in my house from this year on.

  16. Anna Schweissinger says:

    Christmas baking- my mom always makes Russian Tea Cakes, my brother ends up doing chocolate chip cookies, and I bring up the rear with something different each year. Its fun to share with each other and have cookies for breakfast on Christmas Day!
    Since I have a dog, my Christmas tradition is to bake homemade dog cookies for family members and friends that have dogs.

  17. Heather Owens says:

    Our family enjoys reading Advent devotions together as we like candles, read scripture and stories and pray together! It’s a great way to prepare our hearts for Christmas!

  18. Karrie L says:

    During one particularly financially challenging Christmas holiday, I was getting ready for work early in the morning when the outside motion detector light turned on and I could see someone outside my front door. They had gone by the time I opened the door but they had left a huge jar filled with about $60.00 worth of coins. I will never forget their generosity and and I still to this day do not know who left the jar on my door step. I hope one day to thank them personally. As a way to give back, we save all of our change from the year in a big jar and come Christmas time donate the contents to someone we know who if financially strapped. Its just our way of paying it forward. Happy Holidays!

  19. Jean McChristian says:

    On Christmas morning our family makes Danish abelskivers and eats them with jam and sugar. When my grandparents were alive, we always ate them on Christmas Eve. Thanks to Catherine, Emily and Laura, the tradition lives on!

  20. Denise Bryant says:

    My favorite tradition is baking several kinds of cookies and delivering them to friends and neighbors!

  21. Kaylie says:

    My grandma has always made a tradition of taking my cousin and I around to see Christmas lights sometime within the week before Christmas! We pile into her car and go searching for those streets where everyone has lights up and the most elaborate houses! Such a fun time to get in the Christmas spirit and spend time together!!

  22. Suzelle says:

    A fun tradition that me and my husband started when we were dating was every Christmas we got each other an ornament. Now our tree is full of memories of each other for every year we have celebrated together.

  23. Marge C. F. says:

    When my daughter lived at home, my husband, daughter and I would each write out a special wish for the other two. I would place these in special “container” ornaments (one for each of us) on the tree. On Christmas Eve night we would have hot chocolate and homemade nut bread (my mother’s recipe) which was a tradition of my childhood. We would sing carols and open our wishes. They were so precious.

  24. Liz says:

    After getting exhausted from making cookies every year, due to the massive mess, my family now makes awesome organic bath body and bliss herbal products for gifts. We even sell a bit to buy gifts with. Excellent trade in on the cookie making I do say.

  25. kamara says:

    I love getting gifts from tags on trees for foster children. We also throw a party at our place for our friends.
    We wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

  26. Erin says:

    I love that you’re getting into the giveaway season, wooo hoo! It always so fun to play along with you. My favorite Christmas tradition is that we get a new family ornament. I love that they reflect some part of our year and when we pull them out year after year we get to go down memory lane.

  27. Patrick Brennan says:

    As someone earlier said we also open our gifts one person at a time. We start with the youngest and have them get and give the gift to the next oldest person. Everyone waits and enjoys that person opening their gift. This provides a relaxed and prolonged time with the family instead of a frenzy.

    Of course, the very first thing before all of this begins is a hot cup of Joe.

  28. Russell says:

    Every year my wife and I drive around with our parents to look at Christmas lights. We always try to stop and see Eddy the Elf, we love watching all the kids talk to him about Christmas and about the gifts they hope to receive. On Christmas Eve my wife prepares homemade cinnamon rolls and lets them rise in the oven overnight. Its the perfect treat to go along with a good Christmas breakfast. We are looking forward to taking our 6 month old baby boy to see all the lights this year (no cinnamon rolls quite yet).

  29. Rachel Weir says:

    With a young daughter, I am really excited to create new Christmas traditions with her and hope to keep some of my favorites alive. I love the cooking and baking that comes along with the Holiday season. Especially cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning!

  30. Every Xmas we have Aunt Jamima cake, it has been around for over 50 years, hot chocolate, fire in fire place, xmas music on, family all around the presents and tree. The smells of the cooking, pine and wood smells.
    It is cozy and feeling blessed that you have tradition buildt throughout the generations. My grandchildren now are doing the same and look forward to coming the grandma’s house. We all dress comfortable and wear our new slippers . We have comfort food to snack on all day and play pictionary after dinner. Also watch the Sound of Music.

  31. Janet Gillett says:

    We love to go caroling in the neighborhood and see the surprised faces come to the door to see what all the racket is about( we try our best…)! Merry Christmas to all of you and may God richly bless you this coming new year!

  32. Emma says:

    My brothers and I always prank each other by giving each other gag gifts in addition to our real gifts… Dirty socks, random house items, etc. It doesn’t get old. Hah 🙂

  33. Maryanne Hoffler says:

    Christmas Eve……have to watch the movie “White Christmas” while waiting for dinner to cook. It is also fun as the family does stocking stuffers – small gifts that can be just as fun as the larger ones.

  34. Tish Buti says:

    Our family favorite is to wrap everything that goes into our Christmas stockings. This evolved from one very lean Christmas year and now includes the silliest things. One time my husband handed me a bag of stuff and asked me to wrap it. The bag included a straw from McDonalds! I dutifully wrapped it and put it in my son-in-law’s stocking. To this day, we all look for the straw in someone’s sock!

  35. Jaleen Davidson says:

    My grandmother used to give everyone in the family underwear for Christmas, so somehow the tradition got started that each of us had to put our underwear on our head and take a group picture. Wacky? Yes! But that is why the tradition lives on.

  36. I started a tradition many years ago. It began with the birth of our first Grandchild, 21 years ago. I made an ornament with an opening for a picture, printed the child’s name and date on it. Then I decorated the ornament with glitter and sparkles. Every year my Grandchildren receive a new ornament. All 5 have one for every year of their life. It’s amazing to see the trees with all the personalized ornaments and I know that when they have their own families it will be a treasured blessing, and I am hopeful someone will carry the tradition on!!!

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  38. Marea Filmer says:

    My sister and I started a tradition just a couple of years ago after our parents passed away. Our families buy each other an ornament to add to our tree. It usually includes the year and ties into a memory from that year.
    It really makes the tree decorating time special as we take our time carefully hanging the ornaments and reflecting on years past.

  39. Bree says:

    We’ve decided to start a new tradition this year for our new family. We’re giving the family of box of new (matching ;P) pj pants and a movie with popcorn and candy to watch and enjoy on Christmas Eve 🙂 we are so excited to start some new traditions for our little family!

  40. Roxanne Jones says:

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is, we all open pajamas on Christmas Eve so that we all have new jammies on to open gifts Christmas morning. And this will be the first time in 5 years I have had all of my kids together on Christmas Eve. Feeling truly blessed.

  41. Ron Breeden says:

    When I was a kid, my parents always put out a red and white plastic leg trap on Christmas Eve, it was a Santa Trap. We set our milk and cookies right next to it as bait. When we got up Christmas Morning there was always some white cotton left where Santa got his foot caught in our trap.

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