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What do you do during summer break when your parents own a coffee shop?  Well some days you sit down at a free table and color, or eat a bagel.  Other days are busy with golf camp, baseball camp, or VBS.  Creative time at The Artist Workshop is always good, and we even have “school at the store–” workbooks and crafts to keep both kids engaged while mom and dad work.  I often find my social little girl out sitting with customers that she has adopted as friends.  Thus the days of summer fly by.

This week the store has been packed with tourists, and we’ve had a lot of fun visiting with people from around the world.  This week I’ve met folks from Australia, France, Germany and Taiwan.  Each had a different reason for being here, and I love that this Gold Country draws such a diverse group.  It is an amazing spot to live, and the enjoyment of others helps me to remember how lucky we are to be in Nevada County.  The fascination that others have with the roasting process reminds me how unique it is.

Our coffee this week is completely new to us.  The only Indian coffee that we have carried before is our Monsooned Malabar.  This coffee is also from the west coast of India, but it hails from the Baba Budangiri Mountains.  The story goes, as related here, that these plants come from beans brought back from Yemen by a saint.  Coffee has a great history!

When we sampled this coffee yesterday, it was love at first sip.  The tones were so sweet that our manager, Becky, brought in a chocolate bar today that perfectly complemented the coffee.  She was eating it last night and kept flashing back to the flavors of this Indian bean, so she shared with the rest of us today.  It really was a remarkable pairing.

This light roasted Indian has caramel and nutty tones, and it holds its flavor while it cools.  This is our first experience with this Indian coffee, so we would love to hear what you think.  Leave a comment on our blog or our Facebook page and tell us your opinion.  You can sample it on us for the next week by using the code in red above: amazing spot.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike

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