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Staff Photo with Names

All Employees: Back Row (L-R) Holly holding Caroline, Trace, Sally, Sierra, Karen, Elizabeth, Chuck, Caroline, Becky, Erin, Maddie, Becca, Molly, and Mike. Front Row (L-R, starts five people from the left): Khrista, Alex, Ellia, Corrie, Monica, Katherine, Connie, Elyse, Ruth, and Roderick.

At the request of a customer, I am posting this staff picture again, with names attached to all of the current employees.  In the caption below the photo are the names of everyone in the picture, in case that’s easier to follow.  Of course, you can always ask our names in person: that way we learn your name too, and we love to get to know our customers better!

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2 Responses to Staff Photo with Names

  1. Well this is somewhat of a nostalgic moment for me. But I’ll get over it. Anywho, I used to bounce in when I lived off of Highway 49. I would get a jolt from a latte and sh*t and get onto whatever else I had to do that day, such as, head to Madelyn Helling Library, or to any of the Wells Fargo Banks and, well, yada~yada. I do have a memento of sorts for one day I bought one of the small wooden (boxes) with Caroline’s Logo on it. Yeah! Peace out to all.

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