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In Gratitude of Mothers

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift?  A Bone China Mug? A Teapot?

Mother’s Day is close to my heart right now as I raise young children, and have so many friends who are doing the same. I appreciate all the time and love my mom put into raising my siblings and me: and I am in awe of my friends who are such stellar examples of good parenting.

This may be a holiday created by greeting card companies, but it’s a good opportunity to be grateful to the mothers around us.  We all have mothers in our lives: whether friends or family.  I would love to hear about your mother (whether literal or not), and why you appreciate her in the comment section.

If you have young children, as I do, you probably receive wonderful handmade mementos of their love.  My favorite gift in the last month was an unprompted card from my six-year old son with drawings of birds on the outside and an “I love you Mom” inside.  It’s tucked away to keep forever. What gift has meant the most to you lately?

My mother happens to be halfway across the world, and for the last few years I’ve sent her a thank you by e-mail.  Having two kids of my own has made me realize how much she gave to myself and my three siblings over the years.  I am much more grateful now than I was as a child (although judging by my own experience, my cards were probably cuter back then).

If your mother loves coffee, I’m sure you know that we’re the place to get it.  We’ve got you covered in the tea, mug, and chocolate department too! But I highly recommend including a handwritten note–I cherish the ones given to me and I’m sure your mother will too!

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